An IRE Production

Produced & Directed by
Godfrey Reggio

Director of Photography
Ron Fricke

Philip Glass

Philip Glass Music:

Produced & Recorded by
Kurt Munkacsi

Conducted by
Michael Riesman

Music Director & Additional Music
Michael Hoenig

Alton Walpole
Ron Fricke

Godfrey Reggio

Walter Bachauer

Ron Fricke
Godfrey Reggio
Michael Hoenig

Creative Consultant
Bradford Smith

Associate Producers
Lawrence Taub
T. Michael Powers
Alton Walpole
Roger McNew
Mel Lawrence

IRE Coordinator
Stephen Goldin

Audio & Electronic Engineering
Michael Stocker

Music & Effects Editor
David Rivas

Re-Recording Mixer
Steve Maslow, C.A.S.

Camera Assistants
Robert Hill
David Brownlow
Roger McNew
Neil Bockman

Associate Editor
Anne Miller

Assistant Editors
Robert Hill
Tove Johnson
Susan Marcinkus

Distribution Research
Ronald P. Gold

Director of Distribution & Promotion
Mel Lawrence

Additional Cinematography
Hillary Harris
Louis Schwarzberg

Associate Cinematographer
Christine Gibson

Solo Organ
Michael Riesman

Western Wind Ensemble
Albert Du Ruiter-Solo Bass

Tibetan Bells
Nancy Hennings
Henry Wolff

Hopi Prophecy Consultants
Thomas F. Tarbet
Dr. Ekkehart Malotki
Michael Lowatewama
James Kootshongsie
Dennis Kootshongsie
John Kimmey

Editing Consultant Dennis Jakob

Music Consultants
Marcia Mikulak
Walter Bachauer

Optical Consultant
Thomas Edmon

Dolby Consultant
David W. Gray

Title Design
Paul Pascarella

Linguistic Research on Title
Dr. Ekkehart Malotki
Michael Lowatewama

Optical Effects
Gamma Research

Titles & Optics
Pacific Title

Processing by
TVC Labs

Prints by

Bob Hagans
Matvey Shatz

Music Re-Recorded at Goldwyn Sound Facility

Inspiration & Ideas
Jacques Ellul
Ivan Illich
David Monongye
Guy DeBord
Leopold Kohr

Presented by Francis Ford Coppola

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